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Design and Programming of Webpages
for Professionals and Companies

Bienvenid@ to Lfta

If you need a website or to improve the one that you have, here you will find an excellent alternative.

20 years of Hosting experience in the development and design of webpages allow me to offer a solution highly described for your company or service. From the creation of webpages for startups that send a new undertaking, to stores of electronic commerce with thousands of products.

Lfta are a concept and a philosophy, a work form in which it prioritizes the efficiency and the results, so that your webpage is an indispensable tool. Constru­das Webs either, with clear and or structured contents, an original image and thinking about the totality of your business.

What solution you need for your company or service?

Efficient solutions in Design Web

Design Web for Professionals

Simple and clear, it communicates the essential quickly

Design Web for Companies

The branch online of your company

Design Web WordPress

In order to handle and to update contents easily

It lies down Online

Complete solutions of e-commerce

Webpages HTML

The totally customized alternative

Design Webs that work

Outstanding works in design Web

Webs that work application


Application monitoring of bees
European Community

Project €“ Website

Webs that work company


Internet of things company

Project €“ Website

Webs that work design paginate

Ugly warehouse

Artisan wines
The Bierzo, Spain

Project €“ Website

design Web properties sant cugat

Realty maple

Sant Cugat, Barcelona

Project €“ Website

design Webs that work consultancy


Consultancy product innovation
Sant Cugat, Barcelona

Project €“ Website

design publishing Web sant cugat

Innovant Publishing

Editorial of collectable
Sant Cugat, Barcelona

Project €“ Website

Image, href="/", Marketing, Networks

To obtain that a webpage is efficient not limits the creation and the design. The optimization href="/" will help to obtain one better Dedicated Server experience of user and who the finders position the Web in the first places.

The campaigns Google Adwords are very attractive by their efficiency and relation cost-benefit. I ahead take campaigns for clients who obtain surprising results.

To develop blogs, profiles of networks, campaigns of email marketing, they are all useful tools to your business online.

Services Lfta

href="/" and Positioning

Of what it is worth a Web if nobody the visit?

Adwords campaigns

Creation of campaigns for the announcements of Google

Corporative image

A good image of company communicates better

Service of Webmaster

Integral solution and completes for your company

Hosting and Dominios

SERVERS of first level for your Web

Services Webs that work

Valuations of Clients

€œFast, talented and professional Web-design. The support given during and to after the conclusion of the work was amazing.€

Joao E., IoBee Partner €“ Barcelona

€œExcellent service and attention to our needs, with fast answer to each request. Superb suporte to any start-up that it needs support externalizado for his strategy communication.€

J. Miquel, CEO Irideon €“ Barcelona

€œIt has interpreted perfectly our needs and it did aesthetic important contributions as much to us as technological. The speed of answer also is remarkable, fulfilling the ruled times.€

Gabriel Chomnalez, Global AmPm €“ Sao Paulo

€œExcellent work of development, design and optimization Web. We soon hope to return to work with new project.€

Carlos Ordo±ez, Eshopalia €“ Sant Cugat, Barcelona

€œVery happy with the service of Web creation. They understood very well what needed, realised the service of fast form, and they have always responded efficiently when I have needed to make changes. Totally recommendable.€

Eva Hernandez, Reconstructive School Spain €“ Barcelona

€œTop advice and a great service. All the ideas were implemented as it were desired or they were refined with his own creative ideas. I only can recommend WQF and I will continue working with Enzo.€

Dr. Christoph Lude, Clerc €“ Berlin

Lfta just to price

Designer Freelance Web

Lfta are not an agency, is my undertaking of freelance form. This means that all my energy will be put in your project, from the concept to the putting online.


I take care of customized form each requirement.


Study the project and I look for the best alternatives and tools.


I fulfill the predicted terms and works.


I do not impose my vision, your opinion and taste is first.


I give all the keys of access and information, I am transparent.

My clients, a network of confidence

Webs that work technological client
Webs that work client marbles
Editorial Sant Cugat
Webs that work Europe client
Webs that work professional client
Reconstructive school
Coaching to companies
Webs that work client tourism
Webs that work client Lawyers
Webs that work client sant cugat
Webs that work client tourism sant cugat
Webs that work client properties sant cugat
Webs that work client sant cugat
Import and export
Webs that work Argentine client
Webs that work - enzo momo

Enzo Momo

I am designer and programmer freelance Web for 20 years, when I began Lfta.

Alive and work in Ruby, Sant Cugat and Barcelona. I have worked for more than 300 clients.

Consult to me

By a quote or advising without position, you can write to me or call to me.

Enzo Momo



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