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Development and Design of Store Online

The sale online through a webpage with e-commerce is more and more common. But it must be realised professionally and having in account details that do to the good operation of the site and the form of sale. A design of professional store online generates confidence in the buyer and gives tranquillity to the salesman. Extraordinary requirements are not needed to sell online, a new but serious undertaking can realise its sales through the Web or combine this one with the sale in physical business.

You can also sell by Internet

There are two basic forms to sell online: One is realising the complete process that includes the collection of products and confirmation of the shipment form, and another where the user chooses products, adds them to a cart of purchases and sends the order, being for the customized later contact the adjustments of payment and shipment.

Characteristics of the store design online


Cart of purchases


Systems of collection


Shipments, price lists, discounts, etc.


Creation or adaptation of corporative image


Structure of navigation (sections)


Adaptable to movable devices


Article section (blog)


Integration of social networks


System administrable car


Product load (optional)


Architecture of information (contained)


Professional images with license


href="/" - Optimization for finders


Integration of Google maps


Safe site (https)


Several languages

This form of sale online is very recommendable in certain cases. For example, when store has with great variety of products, so that the client can calmly choose the articles, that are added to the product basket, and soon sends the order. This saves long time if we thought that same client had to communicate by telephone or by mail with the company, detailing, requesting information, stock, etc. Also in the case of a business where the clients realise their purchases periodically, saves time and confusions are avoided.

As these operations contain reserved and sensible information, as personal data, directions, etc, work with very reliable and safe systems. For that reason I recommend Magento or Prestashop as tools of e-commerce.

A simpler variant is to work with a form of orders with offered products, and to derive the payment to an account from bank, for example. This way, the client chooses products comfortably and makes the payment by means of transference safely.

Example of store design online

design Web lawyers accidents work

VH Jewels

Wholesale jewelry shop
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Magento system

Project €“ Website


Each project is different and dent of customized form is analyzed and. The approximated price of development and design of store online for 1,200 electronic commerce is of ‚¬.

It does not include taxes, hosting nor Domain.

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