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Webpages HTML

Webpages HTML are purely developed in language html5, that is to say, the language bases of the navigators and the communication Web. Difference of the CMS as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, systems managers of contents, that they run under language PHP or others and include elements that are loaded of interactive form and are constructing the visible page to the user.

In what cases he is recommendable to realise a webpage HTML? Normally with search engine optimization aims. Sometimes it is an alternative Web to the main one, sometimes they are landing pages for campaigns of Google Adwords, or simply it is wanted to only position a service or product to medium term counting on the organic results of Google. Not to discard romantic reasons, that is to say to do without great systems and to have a totally personal webpage, written by hand.

Characteristics of the development of webpages HTML


Creation or adaptation of corporative image


Structure of navigation (sections)


Adaptable to movable devices


Professional images with license


Form of contact


Integration of social networks


Architecture of information (contained)


html5 + css3 + Javascript


Framework Bootstrap or Foundation


Special for href="/" and positioning


Maxima speed of load


Safe site (https)

Advantages and disadvantages of webpages HTML

Managers of contents as WordPress is systems that settle and personalize, allowing in just a short time constructing a complete Web. To do the one that works takes more work, but it is another subject. A webpage HTML takes more time of development, more personalisations, and essentially, each page is unique and not an integrated system, consequently is necessary to construct each section independently. The updates are hard, is necessary to modify each page and each element.

As against game, webpages HTML are incredibly fast, by the little weight of the code. This speed and the cleaning of the internal code do very valued by Google, consequently its position in the results normally is superior. There are hundreds of articles that discuss if a WordPress positions better or worse than a HTML. I have 20 years of experience with both systems, and know the answer.

Examples of webpages HTML

webpage HTML for jewelry shop

Jewels of Silver

Jewel wholesaler
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Project €“ Website

webpage HTML for trainer of dogs

To train Dogs BCN

Training and canine club
Sant Cugat, Barcelona

Project €“ Website


The approximated price of the development and design of a 800 webpage HTML is of ‚¬.

This it is not a closed price but a direction. It can be something smaller or something greater following the characteristics of the development.

Nonselvage finished products nor closed packages, but a customized service. She is the client who decides the characteristics of the website that needs and it would like to have, and according to that the quote becomes.

It does not include taxes, hosting nor Domain.

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