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href="/" and Positioning Web

A website has value in as much has visits. To generate those visits can become by several routes, nonexcluding. One of them is the href="/" and positioning Web. Others are marketing in social networks, the campaigns Adwords de Google, the email marketing, etc.

The href="/" (Search Engine optimization) is a series of works that are realised within the site and help Google to understand the page, to define the phrases nails and the structure of the business. Of course, this also Help to the user to understand the business. So href="/" and experience of user go together.

Positioning means that the Web appears in more and better results search in Google and other finders, thus obtaining visits, consultations and clients. The positioning can also improve with a good href="/" but with other techniques, some of which are realised outside the website, as for example to secure incoming connections, publications in social networks, etc.

Characteristics of the href="/" and Positioning Web

My work of href="/" and Positioning Web includes:

  • Installation of Google Analytics in the site (nonvisible to the user).
  • Generation of tools for finders, as .htaccess, robots.txt and sitemap.xml.
  • Generation of Meta Tags complete, title of page, description and keywords.
  • Inclusion of Heading, ALT text and anchor text.
  • Study and information of analytical. Visits, pages, times, phrases, density, systems, interaction, etc.
  • Fulfillment of standards Web.
  • Adjustments of contents based on densities search.
  • Generation of new contents.
  • Inscription in finders, thematic guides, portals.

Unlike a campaign of warnings payments that it will generate visits during the contracted time, the href="/" and positioning of a webpage are lasting, constant and increasing.

When realising a new website, normally I make a basic href="/", assuring that Google will index the Web of the correct way. A more complete work of href="/" demands more dedicated and more specific work. This affects the price of the service, but it can be a good medium term investment, according to the chosen strategy of business.

The positioning Web is an additional service to the development of the website, and although it is planned from the Home, the webpage begins once is online.


The basic href="/" that becomes to a new Web is including in the service of development. However if a deeper href="/" becomes, the price varies according to the amount of content, but ‚¬ is of approximately 500.

The price of the positioning of a webpage defines according to the objectives and works to realise, and can be a fixed sum or a monthly payment.

Examples of href="/" and Positioning Web

SEO positioning Web

To train dogs BCN

Search: €œtrainer Barcelona dogs€
Result: front page

Search: €œcanine club sant cugat€
Result: 1st position

SEO positioning Web

Jewels of Silver

Search: €œwholesaler jewels of Argentine silver€
Result: 1st position

Search: €œimporter jewels of Argentine silver€
Result: 2nd position

Consult to me

By a quote or advising without position, you can write to me or call to me.

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