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Hosting Web is a servant (joint of computers) where the archives of the Web and the e-mail lodge. When contracts my services of development Web, if nonaccounts with lodging, I can offer one to you of first level. In addition to lodge Web, by means of servant you will have accounts of e-mail of Domain of Web, to that you will be able to accede by means of the programs of mail which you use normally (as outlook), through a webpage (since beams with gmail, yahoo, etc) and through your mobile phone.


Maxima speed and efficiency


Protection anti hackeos


Directions of email


Backup copies

Little people are conscious of the important thing that Web is hosting. The servant is the house of your Web and your mail. If the house has problems€¦ all the service falls.

When one is a Web of electronic commerce, a store online, already is essential hosting specific. The processes that are realised in a store online and is very important the security and effectiveness of the sale processes, recording of users, etc. are many.

The price of a plan of hosting Web of first level is of 80‚¬ to the year.

It includes Domain, e-mail, data bases, backup copies, certificate of security SSL, etc.

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By a quote or advising without position, you can write to me or call to me.

Enzo Momo



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