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Creation WordPress webpage

Client: I, Belgium

creation webpage wordpress
creation webpage wordpress

Creation WordPress webpage for IoBee, application Internet of things that carries out tasks of monitoring of the health of the bees.

Belgium, year 2017 €“ today

The project

IoBee is a joint project of several companies to develop an application that helps to monitor the health of the beehives and thus to fight the increasing mortality of the bees in the European Union.

A focused Web was required to explain the problem and the proposal of solution, with simple and effective computer graphics without falling in too many technicalities.

Also a section of blog to publish the news of the project continuously.

The solution: creation of webpage in WordPress

After meetings and studies to know thorough the project, I made a structure of the information that is easy to follow for the user, avoiding the details very technicians.

The solution is one landing page in WordPress system, for an effective handling of the blog.

I developed the logo of the project.

I used the resource to in detail take to the explanations to graphs and computer graphics, working so that still people without technical knowledge understand the operation of the application.

The section blog is fed on the news, presentation of events, launchings, that I update weekly.

The IoBee project is very interesting and necessary given the dangerous situation of the bees, hopefully it works well and it contributes to solve the problem.



Site preparation to add or to modify contents and languages.



Design adaptable Web to different resolutions from screen and mobiles.



Search, composition and design of professional images.



Design of computer graphics and original iconography.

creation webpage wordpress


Composition and design of graphs and computer graphics that show to the process and stages of operation of application Internet of things.

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