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Real estate design Web Sant Cugat

Client: Realty maple Properties

real estate design Web sant cugat
real estate design Web sant cugat

Design Web for real estate Maple Realty de Sant Cugat, Barcelona, specialized in the sale of exclusive properties in Valles.

Year 2019

The project

Realty maple is an agency of sale and rent of exclusive properties in Sant Cugat and Valles.

It needed a modern and original Web with the condition that could be updated the contents in different categories and languages, so that they themselves added the new properties.

The solution: Design Web for Real estate

We met with Patricia to study the project and to define an original and elegant style for this webpage.

A system based on WordPress, so that the properties can be updated easily. I worked the style to manage originality and elegance, being used customized icons for the card of each property and thus to show of graphical form the characteristics, as the squared meters, bathrooms, dormitories, etc.

In the card of individual property, I included galleries of photos that enlarge to complete screen.

Finally, I advised and I left a tutorial for a complete handling of the contents.

As conclusion, the design Web for this Real estate one of Sant Cugat is practical, easy to update, modern and efficient, without needing using complexes and heavy real estate systems.

Good luck and that much is sold!



Site preparation to add or to modify contents and languages.



Design adaptable Web to different resolutions from screen and mobiles



2 languages handled with plugin professional.



Webpage optimized for finders

real estate design Web sant cugat


Gallery of images in the card of each property, to see complete screen.

Consult to me

By a quote or advising without position, you can write to me or call to me.

Enzo Momo



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