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Design Web for undertaking

Client: eShopalia, Barcelona

Design Web for undertaking
logo eshopalia

Design Web for undertaking eShopalia, Professional of Barcelona dedicated to the creation and management of systems of e-commerce for companies and brands.

Year: 2015

The project

They engaged me to realise a website responsive, with selector of 2 languages and a design very defined. An iconographic, simple and effective style, to describe its services.

The solution

When doing a design Web for undertaking, is to define an original graphical style and that transmits the basic concepts effectively.

For this reason, the model-making of the site is based on iconography, realising the search of images of professional banks and the adaptation of the icons to the needs. The contents are brief and of easy reading, with form of contact in all the sections.

I used a WordPress system with a group responsive so that the site adapts to movable devices. System of interchange of languages.

I made the adaptations to leave in headed the logo, menus and access to languages.


€œExcellent work of development, design and optimization Web. We soon hope to return to work with new project.€

Carlos Ordo±ez €“ ESHOPALIA, Sant Cugat, Barcelona



Site preparation to add or to modify contents and languages.



Design adaptable Web to different resolutions from screen and mobiles.


System multi languages. Spanish, Catalan, English.


Website optimized for Google and other finders.