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Development Web for Company

Client: Novecento Company

development Web for company
development Web for company logo

Development Web for company Novecento Company, dedicated to the import and sale of marble and Turkish travertine in South America.

Argentina, Brazil, year 2017

The project

Novecento Company is a South American company that directly concerns marble and travertine of Turkey. In the website the idea was to emphasize product ranges with photographies of quality and specifications.

The project required a fast, modern Web and with up-to-date contents.

The solution: Development Web for Company

The first work was to organize, to classify and to optimize all the product images, in quality, size and href="/".

Soon I realised an architecture of information for a simple and clear navigation. Eyelash products with 4 categories, each with its images and engineering specifications.

I used a slider with effect zoom lens to give hierarchy to the outstanding contents.

In the development of a Web for company I consider to hierarchize with an original design, to take care of details, to realise a good href="/" and to form perfectly analytical of visits and the tools of Google to make pursuits.



Site preparation to add or to modify contents and languages.



Design adaptable Web to different resolutions from screen and mobiles



Optimization of images.



Webpage optimized for finders

development Web for company

Outstanding content

Section of gallery of images. The optimization of the photos is very important so that they have all their quality and the smaller weight possible to facilitate the load in the navigator.

Consult to me

By a quote or advising without position, you can write to me or call to me.

Enzo Momo



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