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Creation Lies down Online Magento

Client: VH Jewels

creation lies down online magento
creation lies down online magento logo

Creation lies down online Magento for VH wholesale jewel Jewels, importer and distributor of steel and silver of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2004 €“ today

The Project

VH Jewels is a client of more ago than 15 years. A very important jewel importer and distributor of steel and silver for Argentina and Latin America. I take care of its needs permanently, updating the webpage, taking campaigns of Google Ads, realising baners, etc.

The first store online we developed it with the Cubecart system, and 2 years ago we migrated to Magento.

Creation lies down online Magento

More ago than 15 years I mounted first e-commerce of VH Jewels with Cubecart, a system that gave a great result us. 3 Cubecart years ago it stopped giving technical service and that is a problem. Making the necessary studies I reached the conclusion that a so important store with more than 25,000 products required a very professional solution. For that reason we decided the creation of store online with Magento.

Magento Community is a system of highly professional electronic commerce. Its complexity is major that in systems as Prestashop or Woocommerce, but is worth the pain when it is a so great store.

After to install the system and to make all the necessary adjustments of servant, I began the personalisation. The refining that we do in the servant, without a good servant is important a store thus is unthinkable.

The personalisation of the system included several works. Systems of prices and discounts, systems of shipments, handling of currencies in backend with automatic quote, etc. Also we made turning over of the previous data base to reclaim accounts of clients.

Of course, I made all the personalisation of the design of the subject of frontend, adapting many things for the movable version.

href="/" and Marketing online

The href="/" of this store is fantastic and its search engine optimization only gives 150 daily visits him in organic results. Handling the campaigns of Google Adwords to totalize 400 daily visits in average, consequently the creation of this store online in Magento is a success for VH Jewels and an excellent professional experience.


€œEnzo does the works to us in the Web for 15 years and he is really very professional. It gives much tranquillity us since we sell much by Internet and always takes care of our needs, a very good professional and person.€

Adrian Altman, VH Jewels

creation lies down online magento


Creation and permanent handling of campaigns of Google Ads for the store online.

Consult to me

By a quote or advising without position, you can write to me or call to me.

Enzo Momo



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