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Design of webpage in HTML

Client: VH Jewels of Silver €“ Buenos Aires

design of webpage in HTML
design of webpage in HTML for VH Jewels

Design of webpage in HTML for VH Jewels of Silver, one of the wholesale import Jewel majors of surgical steel and silver of all Latin America.

Year 2018

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The project

VH Jewels is client for more than 15 years. People very responsible and with a very important familiar business in the sector jewelry shops for Buenos Aires, although sell jewels from steel and silver to all Argentina and South America as wholesale importer.

I take to the store online and several sites to him satellite, destined to different strategies from sale, as special catalogues, remarketers, jewels, etc.

We exclusively project the design of webpage in HTML for silver jewels, with the aim of positioning on the front page of Google and transferring traffic towards the store online.

The solution: webpage HTML

As first task, I made a structuring of silver the most important jewel categories, as dijes, hoops, hoops, ring, etc. I asked the client some original texts to Him written up by the same with characteristics of silver the wholesale jewel sale.

For the accomplishment and design of webpage HTML I used framework Foundation, by his excellent adaptation to different resolutions from screen, which makes a Web responsive 100%. Also it is flexible and modular what causes that scripts are loaded only necessary according to functionality.

I realised the graphical design of the project and developed the webpage with very a well defined structure for the user and the href="/".

The result is a very fast Web, very clean, with a navigation structure that follows the line of the jewel categories of the store online.

The positioning results are fantastic, being the Web in the first places of Google for very ample and competitive phrases key, as €œjewels of Argentine silver€. Sometimes in the first place. All that traffic becomes visits to the store and majors sales. And all this without investing to nothing in publicity of google adwords.



Clean, light code and structured well


href="/" ON PAGE

Webpage totally optimized for results search



Design adaptable Web to different resolutions from screen and mobiles.

design of webpage in HTML

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