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Creation Webpage HTML

Client: To train dogs BCN

creation webpage HTML
creation webpage HTML

Creation of webpage in HTML for Jeremie Sarfaty, canine professional and et³logo trainer in Sant Cugat, Barcelona.

Year 2015 €“ today

The project

Jeremie is an excellent canine et³logo trainer and of Valldoreix, in Sant Cugat, where in addition it coordinates a canine club.

He needed to update his website, that was some years old and it did not adapt to movable devices, consequently many potential clients could not see it correctly.

Its site HTML had a good positioning in Google that wanted to maintain and to improve. It needed the movable version, to update many contents, opinions of clients, images, videos and to update the design to one more modern.

The solution: creation of webpage in HTML

Not to lose positioning in Google but to improve it, I decided not to replace the HTML by a system wordpress, but to develop in HTML5 + CCS3 + Java. I used framework Foundation, best for design responsive, adapting all the CCS to the required design.

I made great modifications to obtain the original design of the headed one with images of basic slider, and a page of Home to complete screen.

I adapted all the images that to me Jeremie sent to obtain optimization of quality and fast load.

In addition, I made an exclusive version for mobiles, of faster load and without sliders. This version load automatically when somebody sails less than to 700 pixels of screen width.

The result is a modern Web, by far and very rich content, totally optimized to position in the first results search.


€œI have contracted Enzo to make my webpage. I am very happy of the quality of the work and much people compliment to me on the page. Thank you very much and I hope again that we will make more together projects.€

Jeremie Sarfati €“ Professional Trainer, Sant Cugat, Barcelona



Webpage in HTML5, CSS3 and java script.



Exclusive version for users of mobiles.



Search and adaptation of professional images of bank.



Complete optimization for finders

creation webpage HTML


Design of map of zone of training at home.

Consult to me

By a quote or advising without position, you can write to me or call to me.

Enzo Momo



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