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Design UI and Graph of Digital Box

Client: MGS Services, the USA

Design UI and graph digital point of sale

Design UI and graphical design of screens and bellboys for digital kiosk of sale of tickets for fast meals in center of services. Work for MGS Services, agency of communication of the USA.

The project

MGS Services is an agency of communication of the state of Washington, the USA. They asked for the graphical design to me of all the screens and bellboys for a digital kiosk of sale of tickets for fast meals in centers of services. These boxes allow to choose the different options from meals, drinks, extras, etc, finally to emit a ticket that the user takes to the personnel who qtiende the order.

The solution in design UI

Design UI (to user interphase) is realised for applications that communicate with the user by means of a graphical interface.

In this case, I developed the general design, screen of welcome, bellboys of navigation and the 200 bellboys of selection of meals, coffees, drinks, stands for casks, breakfasts, etc.

In the design of the interphase of user one is to establish a style, according to the corporative image of the business at issue, for example a network of gas stations.

A creative and funny work, where there is Search images for each ingredient and food, to make cuts of the images, to place them in the button form, etc. Each button takes its position of selected or no.

In addition to the bellboys, there are complete screens of supplies, suferencias, summary of the order, to print the ticket, etc.

design UI
design UI and graph

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