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Design Web Cat Caf© in Sant Cugat

Client: Qgats Cat Caf©

design Web cat coffee
design Web cat coffee sant cugat

Development and design Web for cat coffee of Sant Cugat.

Qgats Cat Caf© is a coffee in center of Sant Cugat where protection kittens can know themselves and be adopted.

Year 2018

The project

Mari was on the verge of sending this beautiful project, cat coffee in center of Sant Cugat, next to the Monastery. But it lacked the webpage, and were few days for the opening€¦

The solution: landing page

One landing page is a Web of a single page, that is to say all the content is in an only screen that slides downwards but there are no eyelashes to other sections.

That was the solution for the design Web of cat coffee. One landing page fast, beautiful, with the different kittens in adoption and the possibility of making reserves through Opentable system.

Mari can be changing the different photos and descriptions of the kittens in adoption without technical complexities, I have left all preparation.

If you come by Sant Cugat and to your children they like the cats, happen to you to take a coffee, a pie and to play with the pussycats.

And if you need one landing page for your project, consult to me.



Site preparation to add or to modify contents and languages.



Design adaptable Web to different resolutions from screen and mobiles



Webpage optimized for finders



A single screen of navigation.

design Web cat coffee


Mobile first design. The design is thought and realised so that the Web adapts perfectly when it is sailed with a mobile phone.

Consult to me

By a quote or advising without position, you can write to me or call to me.

Enzo Momo



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