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Design Landing Page Product

Client: TUDO

Design Landing Page Product
Design Landing Page Product

Design of landing page for Tudo product, duplicator of remote controls. Actualizable, adaptable webpage to mobiles, in 4 languages.

Year 2015

The project

Tudo is a software system duplicator of remote controls. Joao asked to develop to one landing page to me for the product, a simple, effective Web, of product launching, in 4 languages.

The solution: Design of landing page of product

A variant of the design Web is one landing page of product. One is a webpage of a single section, that is sailed in vertical without changing of screen.

We needed to emphasize the technology and virtues of the product, that allows to duplicate remote controls effectively and to low cost.

I used a actualizable system, a slider of images, and a manager of languages.

We made good photographies of the product to use in the design, and a manual in pdf that the user can be unloaded of the Web.



Landing page prepared to add or to modify contents and languages.



Design adaptable Web to different resolutions from screen and mobiles



Navigation in vertical and selection of languages.



Landing page of product optimized for finders

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Enzo Momo



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