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Web for Company Foreign Trade

Client: ampm Global

Web for company foreign trade
Web for company foreign trade

Development and design of webpage for logistic company of foreign trade and of Brazil and Argentina. Website administrable, adaptable movable device car. Creation of logo of the company.

Year 2014 €“ today

The project

Global Ampm is a company of Argentina and Brazil dedicated to the logistics for the international trade. Gabriel, his Director, asked to me to update the website that I realised 10 years before. To do it responsive, to modernize it, to show fast and clearly the services.

The solution

For the development and design of this Web for foreign trade company I asked the client the definitive writing to him of texts of all the services. I took care to organize that information, classifying the contents in the menu and structuring each section. I made the search and treatment of bank images that offer visual impact.

I used iconography to make agile the reading and the outstanding.

In terms of href="/", I assigned to the new site the same URLs that Google had positioned of the previous Web, not to produce indexing and tracking errors.


€œIt has interpreted perfectly our needs and it did aesthetic important contributions as much to us as technological. The speed of answer also is remarkable, fulfilling the ruled times.€

Gabriel Chomnalez, Director



System manager of contents of easy update



The Web adapts to all the resolutions of screen



Search and treatment of images and iconography



3 languages handled with plugin professional WPML

Web for company foreign trade


Search in banks of images, design and optimization.

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Enzo Momo



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