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Enzo Momo, developer and designer Web in Barcelona.

In 20 years of work I have constructed a solid confidence with my clients. Transparency and honesty are the base of the relation that we establish. I believe that the mention of many of my clients of design Web is the best form to present my responsibility and commitment with this work.

In Sant Cugat and Barcelona

Irideon/eShopalia/To train Dogs Barcelona/Innovant/EACAI/Commercial Schneider/Manualitats amb Art/Qgats Cat Caf©/Tot Marroc/Your Vasilisa/Innovant/Maple Realty/Synergia Therapies/Innoal/Technal/MTSystem/Barcelona Zero Limits/Tudo/Psychologist Mar­a Jos© Hernando/Reconstructive School Spain/Agraliaa/Soci©t© Andorre/Practics BSL/Votre Societ© in Espagne/Mundoscrap

In Spain and European Community

Warehouse Aurelio Feo, the Bierzo, Spain/Iberc©ltica Group, Leon/Congelnova, Leon/Luis Arranz Architect, Spain/Bierzopyme, Leon/Manuel Cervera, Spain/Cincados of the Bierzo, Spain/Gets hold of Innovag©s, Spain/Gets hold of NetDesign, Spain/Fricliven, Spain/Inoxbier, Spain/I, Belgium/Bee Life, Belgium/AXYZ-Design, Italy/Mezzedimi Architects, Italy/G2Z Architects, Italy/T4Translation, England/Clerc, Barcelona €“ Berlin/To believe Soci©t© Angleterre, Barcelona €“ London/Ortiz Gadler, Italy

Clients in other countries

Spain China Import Export, Import and export, China/VH Israel, Jewels and clocks, Israel/Best Comex, Services of Foreign trade €“ Brazil/Mexicolven, Colven, elements of electrical security, Mexico/Agency DJ Consulting, the USA/AASBEA, All American Small Business Exporters Association, Washington/CHBatteries Wholesale, Miami/Love Steel, Import and export of Jewels, Miami/Klezmerjuice, Group of music to klezmer, Los Angeles, New York/Wilson Farms, Services, the USA/Walden University, the USA

In Argentina

Acrident, dental Laboratory/Water Life, Guaranteeing ionic Hydrotherapy/, Global, Logistic Insurance agency/AM-PM and foreign trade/Atlantic Hotel, Villa Gesell/Bioingepro, water Treatments/VH Jewels, surgical steel Jewels/Fernandez House, article Wholesaler for bookstore/Casalis Properties, Real estate/Center of Commerce and Ceramic Industry, San Pedro/and Crystal, Magazine/CGU, Study of architecture/Chayto, Tools for agriculture and construction/City Pharma Group, Laboratory/Claudia Goldman, Translations/Co-worker Hospital San Pedro, San Pedro/Danspray, Chemical agents/Dolores Huergo Breakfasts, Breakfasts at home/Labor rights, Legal study/Dimensions in Human rights, Civil Association/Enjoying Caril³, Program of TV/Elair, Service of private flights/I found my gift, Underwear/Enrique Dein©s, Painter/Therapeutic horseback riding Shako, Therapeutic horseback riding/Ernesto Villano, environmental Consultant's office/Stay Elisa Miel, Company elaboration of honey of bees/Sigalov Study, Study of Architecture/Study GLMS, Architects/Study Villain, Lawyers/Legal Study Andisco, Rodriguez & Urdinola/Expo Openings, Pinamar/Fernando Haddad, Architect/Fillipa, Linen/geologic Geoanalisis, Analyses/Gini Properties, Real estate/GS Graphical, the Press/ambulatory Holding company, Treatments/Impactable, Carteler­a/Infoque, Consultant's office of image and businesses/Interbat, Importer and distributor of batteries/Jewels of Steel, surgical steel Jewels/Julia Bense±or, Translations/Kohanoff.net, Spirituality/the Blue Ewe, artisan Articles in felt/L&L Farming Undertakings, Products for agriculture/Mabel Ifr¡n, Photography/Marcelo Momo Propiedades, Real estate/Maria Elena Vega, Painter/Mega Mega, Marketing, events/Miguel Gomiz, Music/PARH, Management of insurances/Partager, environmental Consultancy/Stroll of art and culture, Villa Gesell/Patagonian Food, Papines Patagonian/Planetary Shako, Planetarium/Fenix Products, Factory of rubber floors/Noelia Rufat, Representative of artists for cinema and TV/Sanchez, Lupi and Asociados, Lawyers/Segurplus, Company of security/Tehil¡ Jewels, surgical fabric steel Jewels Southern Woven/, Wholesale/Unyka, Photography/Sale by Catalogue, jewel Sale by catalogue/real estate Wells & York, Brokers

Consult to me

By a quote or advising without position, you can write to me or call to me.

Enzo Momo



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