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Does your company work? The webpage of your company must also work. It remembers that the Web is an open branch the 24 hours, that are taken care of by itself. In the case of the companies, in addition to the common functionalities sometimes it is necessary to give an additional service to the user, as the possibility of unloading archives pdf catalogues and specifications, map of the branches, texts, images and videos that educate and communicate to the client on products and services. It is common that it has versions in several languages.

An open branch the 24 hours that are taken care of by itself.

Within the competition of supplies your webpage can be an outstanding element that differentiates to you from others. He remembers that in many cases the webpage is first that is known a company, and in 5 seconds the user €œbecomes an image€ of that company.

Characteristics of the design Web for Companies


Creation or adaptation of corporative image


Structure of navigation (sections)


Adaptable to movable devices


Article section (blog)


Integration of social networks


Several languages


Architecture of information (contained)


Professional images with license


Form of contact


href="/" - Optimization for finders


Integration of Google maps


Safe site (https)

Our recommendation and advising in the design Web for company, are that the site contributes presented and detailed good information, of products and services. It seems to us a added value to the company that the clients or potentials clients can cross the Web finding catalogues, videos, pdf, with direct and related information. Also it is important to educate and to inform on the heading or the thematic one into the company, new features, links of interest, subscription to newsletter, etc.
The design Web for companies contains the typical information, but also, according to the necessity, it includes sections as restricted area for information to clients, area of unloading of specific information, detailed form of product order, gallery of images, listing of clients, testimonies of clients, attention online, etc.

Some examples of design Web for Companies


Internet of things company

Project €“ Website

Novecento Company

Marble and Travertine
Argentina €“ Brazil

Project €“ Website

Ugly warehouse

Artisan wines
The Bierzo, Spain

Project €“ Website


The orientative price of development and design of a webpage for 950 Company is of ‚¬.

Of all ways, this price is not closed but a direction. It can be something smaller or something greater following the characteristics of the project.

Nonselvage finished products nor closed packages, but a customized service. She is the same client who decides what type of website needs and it would like to have, and according to that the quote becomes.

It does not include taxes, hosting nor Domain.

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