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Adwords campaigns €“ Marketing Online

The promotion and marketing online are indispensable if it is wanted to arrive far offering products or services.

The campaigns Adwords de Google (called Google Ads now) are an excellent tool of sale. One is announcements payments that Google publishes in the results search of outstanding form. They are format PPC (pay Rep click), is pleased by each click in the announcements.

Google facilitates the things so that a campaign can quickly be begun filling a few data. But is effective an automatic campaign? The answer is no. Is almost as throwing the money.

Campaigns Adwords and Marketing Online


Campaigns Google Ads: strategies


Strategies of bid up


Writing of destiny contents


Landing pages


Design to newsletter, subscription and shipment


Creation of page of Facebook


Optimization of announcements


Analysis and correction of phrases nail




Optimization of contents Web


Study of Analytical


Integration of networks in the Web

How work the campaigns does adwords?

He is interesting to understand that the announcements of Google do not work just as a warning in a magazine. It is not that paying to X money it appears X times in X position, but rather, is an auction. Xs amount of competitors take the same key phrase, and among them they compete to see who is first and llava the click of the user. In order to define who is first in the results, Google considers the amount of money offered by the click, but also many other factors.

The idea when developing campaigns adwords, is to secure the greater amount of clicks with the smaller possible investment, improving all those other factors that cause that an announcement is over the rest in a search X.

campaigns google ads


The price of this service is variable and depends on the strategy to follow. Normally it is a monthly fixed sum by the total handling of the campaign, decided with the client.

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