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Enzo Momo

Designer and Programmer Web

Bienvenid@ and thanks to visit my website.

I am Enzo Momo, I am 54 years old. Been born in Argentina. As the name indicates it, I have three Genoese grandparents and one Catalan, of Ager, a beautiful town of Lleida.

Alive in Ruby, limit with Sant Cugat, western Valles of Barcelona, for 6 years.

Work professionally as designer Web from year 1999. Previously and by 15 years, I worked in the sector of the graphical design and edition of books and magazines.

I started up Lfta in Argentina, creating an undertaking that allowed me to learn, to gain the life to me economically and to make clients worldwide with who I establish a warm relation and of collaboration.

My services are contracted by local clients and of all Spain, but I continue working for Professionals and Companies of different places. It motivates to offer a service to me of quality to a right price, and to take care of each requirement, which causes that the majority of my works comes from recommendations of my clients, satisfied with my attention.

enzo momo designer Web

Which is the concept of Lfta?

To aim in the development from the website at the objective that you persecute in your business.
An architecture study is not the same that needs a site as portfolio to show projects in contests, that a new undertaking of a professional whom it requires to promote a service.

So that a site that works is that one that is developed to achieve the objective of the business, taking care of a:

  • Information properly prioritized.
  • Simple and accessible navigation.
  • Product photographies (if there were) clear and defined well.
  • Images of environment adjustment that do not bother but complement the information.
  • Agreed professional design to the heading and objective of the page, to give confidence.
  • Optimization of the pages to obtain good search engine optimizations.

This form of work as designer Web has given to very good results and my clients me returns when they have some necessity. Without a doubt, their sites have worked to them, have allowed them to have presence, visits, sales€¦ the objective that they persecuted.

Consult to me

By a quote or advising without position, you can write to me or call to me.

Enzo Momo



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