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Creation page tourism in Morocco

Client: Tot Marroc

Creation page Morocco tourism
Creation page Morocco tourism

Year: 2019

Creation of webpage for agency of tourism of Sant Cugat that organizes trips and Tours in Morocco.

The project

Tot Marroc is an undertaking of Maria, Sant Cugat, to organize trips and Tours by Morocco.

It needed a webpage to promote his services, detailing the routes anticipated by the different cities of this fantastic country that is Morocco.

The solution

As first step, I realised the logo to him for the agency. It seems to me very beautiful, finished very well.

For the design of the webpage I used a WordPress, to facilitate the structure of routes and destinies, organized the content of simpler form.

The mega menu allows of fast form to know the routes from the different cities, being improved the user experience.

The website is in two languages. Totally adaptable to mobile phones. Installed on certificate of security in hosting of first level.

If you are going to make a tour by Morocco, it is a good option to contact with Tot Marroc, have guides in Morocco of first level.

And if you need a as insolent Web as the one Maria, it contacts with me.



Website preparation to add or to modify contents and languages.



Design adaptable Web to different resolutions from screen and mobiles



2 languages handled with plugin professional.



Webpage optimized for finders

Creation page Morocco tourism

Outstanding in the design Web

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